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Network, PBX, Security, & Management Analysis

Network Security

  • Is you firewall working correctly and does it stop the bad guys?
  • Any liabilities with your router and firewall?
  • Improper usage of company applications?
  • Software licensing current and up to date?
  • Is Encryption a real solution for you?

Building Security

  • Company assets walking out your door?
  • External liabilities from human or animal.
  • Are you inviting outside injury to your employees?
  • Want to reduce your liability insurance?
  • Think remote monitoring is too expensive?
  • Is your business private?

Protocol Usage and Tracking

  • Are you effectively using you IP address space?
  • Is your Appletalk network bound?
  • IPX traffic congested?
  • Connectivity issues?

Backbone Analysis

  • Is your topology not doing its job?
  • Does it take forever to send a file or move data?
  • Could you be Hub'ed out?
  • Local Area Network lagging?

Pipeline Usage

  • Are you getting the most out of your bandwidth?
  • Is your WAN dumping bits?
  • What is better: Frame, Fractional, T1, DSL, or even mixed bandwidth in your business?
  • Service provider(s) giving you the best rate?

PBX/Phone System

  • Are your phone bills to high?
  • Services spread out all over the place?
  • Local & long distance service(s) giving you the best rate?
  • Phone call quality poor?
  • Are there fraud loopholes in your phone system?

Information Technology Department

  • Is your IT Staff well deployed?
  • Desktop community complaints about service?
  • Slow response to mission critical equipment?
  • Software/Hardware deployment needs?
  • Do you have a long-term hardware & software usage plan?
  • Getting the most out of vendors?

This is just a short list of that we can perform for your company.

45 total years experience in the Information Technology, Security & Communications Industry is available to our customers. Our employees have been screened and have occupied just about every role for some of the largest and most diverse companies in the Silicon Valley.

We can provide all the above services for pennies on the dollar in comparison to liability costs that could effectively shut your company down or fine it into non-existence.

Discretion and privacy is our priority in all relationships with our clientele.

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